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veronica :


——✍;;{ ✉ }

                             ;; astatistic

               Veronica wrung her hands, fingers tying and untying
                themselves in and out of nervous knots. Heather was
                thanking her again. Thanking her for what-it didn’t even
                really matter. It was just the idea of being appreciated
                when she deserved no sort of appreciation that gnawed
                at Veronica. It ate at her slowly, until she felt she had no
                other choice but to tell the bright, bubbly, happy friend
                next to her the truth. The entire truth, even if it would
                take that sunshine out of her life for good.

                        ——Stop. Heather—don’t talk about me like that.
                                  You don’t—you have no idea

                                   Veronica swallowed her words and blinked.
                                   Once. Hard. Then exhaled.

                  “I killed Kurt. I shot him. It was me, not Ram.


♚ ;; ℋℳ ——

            She had been doing better. With Veronica standing as her
            protector & crutch, she had built herself back up from her
            scared & rickety state of mind, regaining the pep in her
            step and lilt in her voice. Heather was grateful. Every ounce
            of her being was owed to Veronica, and she had grown
            into the habit of expressing her ongoing gratitude, over as
            little as company or a smile.

            But the admission causes her cheerful disposition to waver,
            blue-eyed gaze shifting quickly to fixate upon her guilty
            companion. No —- she couldn’t have heard that right. The
            very last thing Veronica Sawyer could be capable of was
            murder. Brows knitted together, the small girl shrank in
            anxiously upon herself, jaw clenched.

            “Veronica —- everyone knows it was a suicide. There was
            the note and … “

            A handwritten note. Gaze falling to Veronica’s hands, her
            heart sinks, dubiousness draining away at an alarming 
            rate. Master of forgery —- Heather had witnessed first-
            hand just how dead-on Veronica’s take on the deceased 
            football players’ writing could be.

            “What do you mean?


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That's very important.

     Can you come over after school ? I have
       a date, & I need outfit advice.

     ( she says “date” as if she’s actually hopeful
       that, for once, it won’t be lame pranks and
       sex. poor thing. )

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